Friday, June 03, 2005

We are getting the upstairs of our warehouse organized. That is the mezzanine over the offices.  What a disaster area.  I have consolidated half empty boxes and gotten rid of broken down boxes damage by to many moves. The boxes of  “stuff” are our downfall.  Getting rid of them will almost solve our problem of getting our of the warehouse.  Getting rid of them means being in a position to go full timing. 

Yes, there will still be tons of other inventory to dump, but that is easy in comparison to the boxes.  Hopefully we can keep up this daily box project and NOT STOP except when we are out of town camping,

Did I say I was going to work on the motorhome this week-end?  WRONG!  I forgot, my youngest son’s daughter turns 1 year old June 4 and we are going to his house for the party and stay overnight that night.  Remember the little cutey in the pink hat?  I post her picture a while back.

I must have CRS, “Can’t Remember Stuff”.  I make plans and life gets in the way.  It is not a bad thing, it is just that what I think I want to do is often taken over by what I forgot I scheduled to do, like Jessica’s birthday party.

When we first got the motorhome I subscribe to Motor Home Magazine, bought a bunch of full-timers books and searched and research the internet for all the information I could find on RVing.  Here it is a year later and I do not read much anymore.  I do not even read MH Magazine when it comes.  I really want to go full timing, but all the reading that interested me in the beginning does not get me excited anymore.  

At first I thought we might be able to go full-timing in a years time.  That was not even realistic considering this warehouse.  Maybe the excitement of a full-timing life style has been pushed aside by the reality of our current situation.  I think I need an attitude adjustment.  I need to go camping —– SHOOT!  The Bounder needs repair.


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