Monday, April 04, 2005

Apr 4, '05 Motorhome Clean -- Knights & Armor

Yesterday we drove by a city park here in Oxnard and saw knights battling on the green. They had lances and battle axes. Swords and long daggers. We had been mysteriously transported to the Middle Ages to the Shire Of Darach. The battles were fierce. The knights were gallant and ready to answer questions and help in any way they could. A really friendly group of people.

Knights Battling

Of course, what is a picture if you do not mess with it a little? Knights At Castle

"The Shire of Darach is the local chapter of the SCA, the Society for Creative Anachronism. The SCA is a non-profit 501(c) society dedicated to research and re-creation of elements of the Middle Ages and Renaissance history." This is a world wide organization. In the USA they have events across the country. They vary from a few knights battling in the park to huge gatherings of thousands of people. For more information go to their website at Darach Shire Information

I found a really great computer desk for RVing. It is portable and stores easily. I wrote about it at, so you can check it out at RV Computer Desk

Only 4 more days and we will be heading out to the San Dimas Rally. We will leave Friday morning. If you have not been to a rally, you should plan on attending one. There will be about 30 rigs at this rally. These are not huge national events. It is just friends who met on the Forums.

Yes, I got the motorhome wash job completed yesterday. As you can see in the picture I did not use much elbow grease. The Scum Buster did all the work for me. EXCEPT, even with all that scrubbing, going over the same spot multiple times, I still had shadows of black streaks down the sides. I tried black streak remover,Windex, a commercial version of a 409 style product. Nothing worked, UNTIL, I opened the sewer hose compartment and took out my spray bottle of bleach. I sprayed a small section and hand scrubbed the area with the Buster Brush (it had run out of power again). WOW!! The black streaks disappeared. I was impressed.

RV Cleaning

I keep the spray bottle of bleach in the power - sewer - water connection compartment to spray the faucet at campgrounds before attaching my fresh water hose. I read that some people stick their sewer hose up to the faucet to rinse it out. YUCK!


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