Thursday, July 13, 2006

All You Can Eat Buffet

Yesterday we went to the Hometown Buffet. It is an all you can eat buffet, but on Wednesday our local oldies station has a get together there. With a “ticket” you get you meal for $4.99 instead of $7.39. The trouble with lunch at Hometown is it wipes me out. When I get back to the office I am so full I feel like a nap. The nap lasts all afternoon and nothing gets done.

So, food is dangerous to your business. Mine anyway. I need to learn NOT to go back 3 times AND have desert too. BUT, that hot chocolate sunday sure tasted good.

I am looking into creating online videos and slide shows with music or instructions in the background. I have some ideas that might be worth while with my internet marketing. Of course, I do not have a video camera and cannot afford one at this time. My Sony digital camera also takes movies, but it is broken. I am sending it to Sony for repair. Sharon’s Sony digital camera also takes videos, but it has developed a spot in every picture that is darker in videos.

As you can tell I have a lot of challenges, but if I ignore those and just do what I can do, then I can work around the challenges until I can handle them more effectively.

What I really need is a camping trip, but I am afraid that is not going to happen again this month. I really need to work smarter so we can afford to take time off. Right now we are paying the bills, but it is close. We need to get ahead and the way to do that is figure out what we need to do all day and do it. We spend to much “down time” that is not productive.


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