Saturday, November 12, 2005

Charging Your RV Batteries

I found that charging my RV batteries was faster and easier using an external charger.  I bought a three stage Vector charger with three charging currents. It charges at a starting current of 10, 20 or 40 amps.  Since my RV is older, the charging circuit is in the factory installed converter.  It is a low power charger that seems to work at times and not at others.  Right now I think the charging circuit may have died completely.  I still haven’t traced the problem.

My problem is when I have an alternate solution to a problem, it often doesn’t seem that important to solve the original problem. One day soon I should go out and fix the converter problem. Either troubleshoot and find the cause and repair it or replace the converter with a modern three stage converter.

The things I thought I would get done this week aren’t happening very fast.  My computer fighting me all morning two days ago doesn’t help.  I am reading the self help books, trying to apply their principles, and listening to motivational tapes.  I see, I hear and I understand but I don’t apply what I learn.  I am getting better.

One thing I find that helps me focus is writing in a daily blog.  Things slowly become clearer in my mind.  I write three blogs and they are changing my outlook and how I focus on our situations more clearly.  NOW, I need to take stronger action to make things happen more quickly. 

Have you purchased battery chargers and jumper cables with the worst connecting clips on the ends.  Batteries have old fashions thick top posts and more modern tiny side screw in posts.  Battery clamps are often made so the are difficult to attach to battery posts.  Even when they are finally secure the do not make good contact, but barely touch metal to metal.

Poorly Designed Battery Cable Clamps
Battery Cable Clamps


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