Wednesday, January 11, 2006

RV Steps Repaired

Yesterday I repaired the Bounder entry steps with WD-40 and grease.  There is a main rod running the width of the steps. This rod is the shaft the steps rotate on.  The shaft is steel and goes through bushings.  The shaft gets a bit rusty at the bushing and gets “sticky”.  Since this is the second time this has happened in the last few months, I need to do a routing lubrication of the steps.

Living and camping near the ocean has its problems.  Salt air is very corrosive.  A RV on the coast is going to have more rust and corrosion problems than its counterpart that stays inland.  I will have more problems with bad grounds or corroded wire than you will if you are inland.

Older vehicles here on the coast look like ones I used to see back east where they salted the roads in the winter.  The difference is that in the Eastern United States, the rust an corrosion is usually in the lower panels and fenders.  Here on the coast I often see vehicles with the roof rusted out. Here the rust will be found everywhere.

When we lived at the beach we were 5  houses and a road from the beach.  The water was about 100 yard or a football field from the road.  Anything made of steel in our back yard would rust.  Our portable BBQ rusted.  Our steel porch swing that was probably 20 years old rusted for the first time.

I try to remember to hose the Bounder off when we get back from a camping trip to or near the beach.  I just try not to hose the wheels where the brakes are hot or the engine which is hot.  I don’t want to cause a problem with cold water hitting hot metal.

Sharon got leveler solenoid yesterday.  I will install it this morning.  It is a really fast and easy job.  It takes about 10 minutes to change it.  I have to disconnect the battery for safety.

We have four long single car garages out behind the warehouse.  One of them has a broken door spring.  That is another job I will be taking care of this morning. You have to prop the door open when you change a spring.   I do not have a 2x4 to prop up the door, but I do have a long steel shelf bracket that should do the job. 


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