Saturday, April 29, 2006

Moving Day

We have already moved some things into our new home.  Today we will move our bed, dressers, clothes and a few other things.  Then on Sunday we will move the hide-a-bed couch and a few other things.  That will just about have us moved in.  We do not have a lot of stuff and yet we do.  Most of our personal stuff is boxed away.  We will find it slowly and take only what we need home.

Yesterday was another good day selling on Ebay.  See, what did I say, “this request for us to move could be a good thing”.  It already has us working harder to support another $800 in our monthly budget.  Maybe this “adversity” is what we needed all the time.

Last night our local country station did a live broadcast for  our local “Derby Club” (off track horse betting).  The club was offering free fajita (steak or chicken) dinners, buffet style.  The radio station was giving away gifts.  Sharon won two tickets to see country singer Brad Paisley, movie tickets to see Robin Williams new movie, “RV” and a free two topping large pizza.  It was a good day.

Time to load our bed.  I like this day!


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