Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Tuesday And I'm On A Roll Again

OK, I know, on again off again. I get busy and then do nothing and then do more and get back to work. Once again I am back to work. Do you find that being disciplined is difficult at times and very easy at other times? I sure do. Some task is hard to do one day and a few days later I can breeze through it and at the same time enjoy myself. Strange how our minds change things from day to day.

Right now I am developing my new site "1 Romantic Wedding". For days it is easy and then I get sidetracked and can’t get back to it. This is the same on us going full-timing. At times I can see our way clear to getting rid of this warehouse and at other times I wonder how it will ever happen.

In the next week or so you may see changes in this journal or it may not even work for a day or so. I have corrupted the template I use to format the blog and I need to fix it. I want to activate comments so you can comment in the blog. The structure is in place, but I can’t find what I did to disable it.

I found an aluminum ring to use to make my propane fireplace stand. Now I need to put some sort of legs on it. It will resemble a Christmas tree stand when I am done. There will be 3 or 4 legs supporting the ring, the "tree", my BBQ will just sit in the middle. The stand will be low to ground and stable. It will be just high enough for the propane fittings to be up off the ground.

We have had the Bounder for over a year and half. There are too many things in it. Sharon is going through drawers and cabinets and taking things out. We don’t need eight dinner plates or eight glasses for the two of us. If we have paper plates, plastic glasses and other throw away items, we can serve any guests.

Since we are preparing the motorhome for full timing, we keep everything in it. Now it is time to see if we really need "everything". I have read that many full timers go through their RV once a year and take out anything they haven’t used in the last year. That makes sense to me. Within reason that makes sense. Obviously some tools don’t get used and some keepsakes can’t be gotten rid of. BUT, 8 drinking glasses is too much. 


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