Monday, February 13, 2006

WOW! It is 7:10 P.M. Where's The Blog

Yikes!  Where did the day go?  It is late and I haven’t even thought about the blogs today.  I have been engrossed in an internet marketing problem and researching it all day long. 

Do you ever get so engrossed in things that time just flies by and all of a sudden it is time to…… dinner, go to bed, quit work, or some similar activity? 

When I am on the exercise bike, I read a book.  The book this morning was one of notes I printed out from the internet on internet marketing and the problem I am having.  I normally bike for 30 minutes.  This morning I looked at the counter and I was at 40 minutes.  I was so involved reading I didn’t even feel tired.  Time flies when you are having fun.

Sharon is getting the RV ready to travel this coming weekend.  Three more working days and we will be on the road and off for four days of camping.  What a life. I love it.

I have been thinking of so many things lately, I am lucky I remember much of anything.  OH, speaking of remember, Sharon and I are getting married tomorrow. 



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