Friday, September 02, 2005

Katrina Is Reason To Stop And Think

Hurricane Katrina is a national disaster. I can’t say any more about it than you have already heard or already thought.  However as an RVing community, I would like you to stop and think of the security your RV offers you and your family.  Sharon and I live in Southern California. We have been through two of the major earthquakes here.  We understand what can happen to communities when disaster strikes.

That said, our RV is a safe haven in the event of another earthquake.  We will have a place to live. A warm or cool place to recover our emotions.  We will have a place to offer neighbors and friends sanctuary if they need it.  Think about what your RV could mean to you and yours in the event of a fire or any disaster or emergency.  It could mean the difference between living on the street, and living in relative comfort.   If you know a fire or hurricane is coming at your city or home, you can pack more in an RV than other vehicles and get out of harms ways with your temporary home.  Your temporary home could become your semi-permanent home in the event you true home is lost.

With rising fuel prices some may think of their RV as a liability and one that they might think of getting rid of.  Think twice about that if your are in an area that is periodically subject to natural disasters such as fire, tornados, hurricanes and earthquakes.  Sharon and I feel that in an earthquake, our motorhome would probably survive without any problems other than broken dishes.  We would have a comfortable place to live regardless of what happened to buildings in our town.

I hope you all have a great three day weekend.  Sharon and I are not planning get away or do anything in particular.  I think I will try to get the rear brake job done on the Bounder this weekend.  It should take about a half a day or so working slow.  Each tire is 110 pounds and there will be four to wrestle with.  I will be very careful.

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