Friday, April 21, 2006

Working Harder

This is one of the best times for us. We are working harder and will get farther ahead because of all of our “problems”.  Problems?  Not at all. What we are experiencing is OPPORTUNITY.  It is not even a challenge.  Sharon and I have been given the incentive to prove what we can do and I think we are up to the challenge.

If people can sell their homes and all their possessions and go full timing, we can surely move from our warehouse to another “home”.  Yes, I am sure it is scary and exciting selling a home.  Sort of our feeling needing to move out of the warehouse.

Today we will drive by the trailer park Sharon heard about and think about living out of the motorhome.  If there were quality places to park the Bounder and live in it, I think we would do that.  There just are not that many places locally.

I am sure thinking more on ways to dispose of all of this inventory.  At least the majority of it.  Again similar to making that decision for a full timer to get rid of all their possessions.  Our difference is that our “inventory” is our income. 

Usually we have camping trips planned in a week or two.  At least an overnighter to the beach.  Nothing is on the horizon camping wise until we get settled. 

Just like a full timer, we have to readjust our budget to fit a lifestyle change. It is interesting how we can relate what we are going through to the process of going full time.  With all this experience, we should be ready to roll when the time comes for us to take to the road.


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