Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Getting Fit Is A Slow Process

Today I rode the exercise bike for 35 minutes and went nine miles at a higher setting.  It was like riding a real bike up an incline for nine miles.  I think about trying to eat healthier, but am slow on the uptake.  My daily breakfast is 3/4 of a cup of Cherrios and non-fat milk.  Sometimes I have 1/2 of a banana in it.  Lunch is usually a salad.  I use about a teaspoon of my dressing, mainly to take the bite of of the little bunching onions.  I used canned beans as a dressing over the salad, less calories than dressing.  Dinner and snacks are still out of control.

OK, you hear me trying to get healthier.  It is a slow process.  How about joining me?  Maybe you need to lose or even gain weight.  Maybe you could use a one mile walk each day.  What can you do to increase you vitality, strength and health?  Come on!  I talk about it all the time.  Join me and we can do this together.  Maybe we can meet on the road one day and we’ll take a 5 mile hike together to see a sunset from a mountain top. Just get started and do a little at a time and build up to a full exercise program or a full diet or whatever you need.

We had planned on going to the fair today, but we will skip it.  No real reason.  We still have at least three days we plan to be there for country singer concerts.  We will be seeing Teri Clark, with a opener by Julie (NOT Julia) Roberts, then Lone Star and finally Mel Tillis.  One of the best concerts we have been to was last year at the fair and was Lone Star. They are superb performers, who love their audience and play to and for the audience.  They interact with the audience.

No motorhoming this week unless on a whim we take off for a day at the beach, but I doubt that.  We are already taking enough time off. 

I am still going crazy with this dial up connection.  I needed to download some programs I subscribe to for generating internet income.  I finally gave up and switched to my cell phone, laptop and Verizon Mobile Office connection. It was two or three times faster than the supposed “almost like DSL” connection that NetZero has.  I have daily run speed tests on the NetZero connection and it is alway slower than a 28K modem used to be.

My DSL order still is in limbo.  Neither Earthlink or Verizon will take responsibility for the problem. Each blames the other and neither has a solution for me.  Even if they solve it today they say another 3 to 7 days once it is solved until the DSL line is activated. 

We still have the high coastal overcast weather here.  It makes it nice and cool.  It is not cold, but it sure isn’t what most people consider summer weather.




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