Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Time For A Day Camping Trip -- DSL WORKING!!

We are low on propane, which means we need to go on a day trip.  Each time we get propane, we head for the beach for a day by the ocean.  We run the refrigerator 24 hours a day all month on propane and cook dinner each night in the motorhome.  A fill-up lasts us about a month.

OK, decision time.  We will get propane today and spend 1/2 or so of the day at the beach.  Usually we spend the whole day and have dinner there.  We will cut it short since we are going to Universal Studios on  Thursday.  WOW! We sure are taking a lot of time off these days.

HEY! Yesterday evening they finally got my DSL working.  Since the “overnight delivery” of my modem last Friday DID NOT happen I was lucky that my old Earthlink DSL modem worked.  Sharon and I are both online at the same time. YEE HAW!! This is great.  It is faster than Earthlink was.  I only lost a month and 5 days of high speed connections.  I lost a few dollar because of it also. OH WELL, moving on and happy to be doing so.

Sharon got the brake pads for the Bounder yesterday.  That job is now on the burner.   Maybe I will get to it this weekend.  It isn’t super priority yet, but I would like to get it done.

Another job I need to do is fix my motorhome toilet.  The valve closing spring has lost tension due to the poor design of the hook it attaches to.  It is light weight sheet metal and bends. As it bends the spring loses it’s power.  Yes, I have the  had it apart before. Last time I replaced the seal gaskets.  Maybe I’ll replace them again since I will have it apart anyway.  They are not that expensive.  As I recall the first repair took about 4 to 6 hours working slow and figuring out what I was doing.


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