Friday, April 28, 2006


Last night we signed the lease and took a cargo van load of furniture and stuff to our new home.  We slept there on thick mats and sleeping bags.  Just like camping out.  Ha Ha!  We like the place and the single mature woman living in the other half of the house.  She is quiet and I think we will get along very well.

Poky and her dog are another story. She has a large dog that wanted to tear the screen down and eat Poky.  Poky stood there and said, “HUH?”  The other dog barked and barked.  Poky still just stood there.

One thing about living away from the warehouse, I will have to become more efficient in my work habits.  I will have to start the day later and end it earlier.  Often Sharon would go to bed at 10 and I’d stay up working until midnight.  Or, I would get up and 4 in the morning and start working.  I guess I can take my laptop computer to the house and use it early and late by using the cell phone to connect to the internet.

As soon as the dust settles and we have our bed and the rest of our belongings moved into our new home, I will have to get back to thinking about the Bounder and the repairs it needs.  The speedometer broke last trip out.  There is a leak at the front passenger window and, and and. 

Gasoline sure is sky rocketing.  Of course the oil companies are not gouging us.  Their record profits are not at our expense.  This is one reason I am now more determined to work harder so we can make more and keep up with the rising prices.  Once gas goes up, everything else does too.

OH, work harder to make more money?  Work harder for a boss and you get an “Atta Boy”. Work harder for yourself and you make more money.  I like that concept, work more, make more.


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