Saturday, June 04, 2005

Happy Birthday Jessica -- 1 Year Old

Today is Jessica’s birthday and we are headed to the party in about an hour, 8:00 to 8:30 a.m..  It is a 150 mile drive from here. Easy freeway driving most of the way. 

Just when I say the bees are about gone, there is a swarm trying to get back into the hive.  We must have killed a couple hundred yesterday.  This bee thing has been going on for a month now.  Their population has to way down, but they just keep coming.  That queen bee must be working overtime to keep the population up.  I think I will look up the “gestation” period of bees — see how long it is from egg until it is a full functioning bee.  Maybe ol’ Queenie is keeping ahead of me in shear numbers.

Today I grabbed my glasses and Motorhome Magazine before sitting down on the exercise machine.  That was the first time I have read the magazine in quite a while.  Actually in the tips area I saw a good way to make a hanging rack for he rear ladder.  A slotted and notch 1x2 board so it stays on the ladder and hole drilled in the section the sticks out to the side of the RV.  You could hang hangers with clothes on them as shown in their picture or even plants for a day or two in the sunshine. 

Flowering plants are very cheap.  We want to take them with us full-timing. Our idea is that the plant is so inexpensive that we will treat it like a bouquet of flowers.  Keep it while it is nice and get rid of it when the blooms are gone or when the foliage gets tired looking. 

I think someone going full-time should take some of the “conveniences of home” with them as they travel.  Green plants, crystal glasses, favorite stuffed animals and things not required for RVing but make a home a home.  One example of our plan is our candlelight dinners as seen on our page at Dinner By Candle Light Corel dishes, glass glasses and candles.

Actually, at this time of year we seldom have those candlelight dinners. It is bright outside at dinner time, so the candles are hardly noticed in the glare of daylight. During winter months the candles were lit every night.


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