Monday, June 26, 2006

Forgot Sunday's Blog

I got busy here at the warehouse yesterday and completely forgot Sunday’s blog.  I get my mind set in one direction and other things just do not enter.  When I am focused, I forget anything else that I need to do.  At times this is good and at other times this not so good.  It never creates a major problem for us, but it does make for minor inconveniences sometimes.

We have to get propane this week. As you know, we use the motorhome everyday to eat lunch and dinner in.  The RV refrigerator is on 24/7.  Using the stove and refrigerator daily makes the propane run out in about a month.  It is very handy having a comfortable “break room” here at the warehouse to relax in for meals. 

Even if we are not full timing in our motorhome, we are full time using it.  Our old 34 foot 1988 Bounder was a very good $10,000 investment.  It has given us a lot of camping pleasure and it doubles as a nice break room for our warehouse.  Also we are fortunate that we own the Bounder. The bank has no claim on it.  There are no payments.

One of the things that has allowed us to keep going is being debt free.  Since we lost our house, car and all of our credit back in 1995 through 1996 we have not qualified for credit. Everything we do is on a cash basis.  This sure keeps life more simple.  If you want it you  buy it. If you do not have enough money, you do without it. 

I would like to get our credit rating back, but I would hate to have debt to do it.  It would be nice to have a credit card on the road in case of an emergency or breakdown.   


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