Monday, August 01, 2005

Sunday We Went To a Dog Parade

Yesterday we went to a dog event. It was not a dog show, but a ring of vendors around a show ring.  They had demonstrations in the ring and taught people how train their dogs.  Dogs were run through obedience trials and agility trials.  Lots of dogs and lots of fun.

They had a silent auction with a couple hundred baskets of gifts, most dog related, but others like the won we won were not.  We really don’t want the basket of stuff, but the $50 went to a good animal rescue cause.  The posted value was $160, of course that is boutique price.  There was a tall hurricane lamp for taper candles, two 8 inch tall metal pigeons, 6 salad size plate and, a 60x60 table cloth and another “clothe” that looks like something a waiter would carry over his arm. 

Since we like candles, maybe we will keep the hurricane lamp, but it is very big for the motorhome and it has a huge glass chimney.  Very pretty, but not that practical —– of course who ever said I was practical.  It does look nice sitting on the table.  I’ll have to put a candle in it and get a picture for you.

We are not having many candle light dinners these days.  During the summer when it is light outside, the candle light isn’t very visible at dinner time.  We did have about 5 candles burning on the campground picnic bench table when we were camping this past week.

This week we will be going to the county fair twice and then twice next week.  Wednesday is $1 to get in until 3:00 p.m. so we will go for about half a day.  I am anxious to see if any of my pictures won a ribbon.  If it wasn’t for the pictures we would only be going 3 times.




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