Monday, November 20, 2006

Moving Forward And Backward At The Same Time

We are getting ideas and starting to make a little progress with out internet marketing. IM has the potential to get us out of this warehouse.  We are slowing down selling on Ebay. This means we are moving forward and backward at the same time.  At this moment in time that is NOT a good thing.  Our income is Ebay.  We need to get back to concentrating on Ebay sales.

Do you find that you try to do to many things at the same time and everything suffers?  This is what happens to me.  I spread myself too thin and everything suffers.  I think it all boils down to needed a better way of getting organized. 

RVing?  I have not even had a chance to think about that.  We are so busy making a living there is not time to make a life. Tell me what is wrong with that picture. This is a blog supposedly about RVing and we have not moved the motorhome since May. 

I need some betters answers.  Maybe I need to start asking some better questions.  Time and time again Sharon and I get stuck in some place in our lives.  It is not bad, it is just that it is not good.

We keep looking toward the bright side and we can see the light shining. We just need to move into its glow instead of staying here in the shadows. 

One of our new projects is to try to spend two hours a day in the warehouse.  This time is to sort, straighten, find things to sell and get ourselves committed to a schedule. 

The warehouse is what keeps us in the position where we are.  It is really a double edged sword and a true Catch 22.  It is the source of our income and yet it is the millstone that keeps us from moving out of this area. It is what prevents us from going camping.  We are a slave to the expenses.

SO, GET RID OF IT!  We sell used electronics. Computers and old test equipment.  Anything electronic is TOXIC WASTE.  Yes, anything and that includes your cell phone.  All electronics to put together using solder. Solder is a lead tin alloy.  Lead is considered toxic waste and cannot be disposed of in the trash or landfills.  We have a lot of electronics, but it is all obsolete.  Saleable, but scrap is all a lot of it is worth.  Another part of the Catch 22. We can’t sell it, but we can’t throw it away either. 

We can recycle a lot of it by selling  it to companies that want to get the precious metal content our of the parts, connectors and boards.  Unfortunately the recyclers for this type of material are a couple hours drive away in Los Angeles freeway traffic (not a pretty sight). 

Sharon and I are very actively thinking of how we can get out of this warehouse by my 65th birthday. January 1, 2008.  I do not want to quit working completely, but I would like to work at something that does not tie us down like this warehouse.


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