Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Jan 5, '05 Caulking Day

Today I have to caulk the motorhome windows. No choice. Sharon put a plastic tub under one of the windows and got 2 cups of water during the last rain. That is a lot of water. Two windows definitely leak but I'll be doing all of them. We have more rain forecast for the end of the week. After the windows I will do the roof using Eternabond tape. It is very highly recommended. I have used one roll on roof repair so far and am impressed with it. Noon and I have cleaned the old caulking from the edges of the two leaking windows. I cleaned the edges around the frames and am ready to use masking tape and mask off the window in preparation of applying the caulking. Here I am The aluminum baking pan was up in the window catching water when it rained. Two cups of water, as I said

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