Friday, August 05, 2005

County Fair Today -- Teri Clark Concert

Today is the day we head for the fair.  In the mean time there are things to do.  I just got off of the exercise bike. I have email to check, a blog to write and some files on the computer I need to organize.  Often, even a day  off is not a day off.

We found a little clear glass squirrel candle holder. We go got it a long time ago. It was “discovered” in one of the boxes we were sorting through.  Sharon cleaned out the old wax and put a new votive candle in it.  The squirrel with burning candle was cute on the dinner table last night. 

Do you try to keep a little ambiance in your RV?  When you are in it, your RV is an extension of your home.  A few things that give it that homey touch are essential in my opinion.  All the things that brighten you day at home can brighten your day as you travel and give you a sense of  “being home”. 

I haven’t been talking much about how I’m doing making money on the internet.  That is mainly because I have not been doing internet things.  My “excuse” is that I’ve been busy trying to get this warehouse ready to get rid of.  My reason is that I procrastinate and don’t do the things an intelligent person would do to make a living.  OK, in spite of that, this month we have deposited checks we received from the internet for $284.31.  This is not selling, or having a product. This is only through the advertising on my web pages.  This is work I did in the past that is giving me residual income today. 

Check out my pages starting at Making Money While RVing and you will see the articles I have already published on making money online.  In the relatively near future I will be adding to those pages in an effort to share what I am learning.  I don’t know about your financial situation, but even and extra $200 a month could be used to pay your bills, donate to your favorite charity or even start that fund you thought about for sending your kids to college.

This income factor can be very important for those of us who plan on going full-timing some time in the future.  Sharon and I need an ongoing income.  We think online avenues are the best to pursue for generating enough income to comfortably travel the country in our motorhome.  We have the reason, we need to make it more compelling, so I get back on track to fulfill our dream.


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