Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Have You Made A Budget For Full Timing?

I don’t have a budget for full timing yet, but last night I got out Excel and put most of my current expenses into a spreadsheet to see where we are and where we are going financially. WOW! It is time to work even harder if we plan on going full timing. Occasionally I will see the full timing budget of people who are full timing and it is interesting how some need over $3000 and others get by on under $2000 a month.

It appears that those on the under $2000 budget are skating on thin ice. Minor things are easy to work into their budgets, but anything major is likely to upset their plans tremendously. It is possible they could even have to give up full timing or get a job to get back on their feet until they can get on the road again.

Many full timers workamp or take positions at campgrounds and parks in exchange for a free space to park and full hookups. They may work 15 hours a week in the campground as a camp host for the space. This allows them to stay on the road half the year and be in "recovery" the other half. It makes their budget go a lot farther.

After putting my current expenses on paper, I can see I really need to do some things to prepare for going full time. The main one it to continue to work at getting our Internet based income higher and more consistent. The way to do that is to generate more content on the Internet. The more pages one has the more chance of making a decent income. It is like a store, the more items one has on the shelves, the more likely it is a customer will find something they want to buy. My job now is to be MORE serious and create that content, to stock the shelves with my "product".

Personally, I would prefer not to have to workamp to be able to go full timing. I truly believe that we will make enough with Internet marketing to avoid having to work for anyone else. That is a good feeling.


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