Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Propane Is Getting Low

Even if we do not go camping, we need to at least take a day trip in the Bounder.  Our propane is getting low, so we need to get it filled.  Each time we fill up we try to make it worth driving the motorhome.  We take a trip to the beach and stay for the day or go camping right after we fill up. 

Right now we are still trying to get our income up to cover the new rent and expenses of living in a house, so it will probably be a day trip and then a camping trip closer to the end of the month.

Yesterday was a very productive day listing on Ebay.  We got a lot listed and save a lot of money in listing fees.  OK, a lot of money relative to what it would have cost.  I am sure we saved $30 to $40 with all the listing we did.

Since I need to move the motorhome, I think I will get under it and see about fixing the speedometer today or tomorrow.  According to what I have been told and what I read in the repair manual, it is usually an easy job.



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