Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Bounder Ran Good

I was very happy with the Bounder on this last trip.  It ran good. With the new Thorley headers I had more power on the hills.  The last time we went to Lake San Antonio I had to down shift a lot on the uphill grades. This time I only had to down shift a couple times.  I was happy with that. Then to make things even better we got 6 miles per gallon on the trip.  We have a 90 gallon gas tank and I was able to make the round trip on less than one tank.  OK, we had a flat, but surprisingly that was not even upsetting. 

Three weeks and  we will be heading to the rally at Shaver Lake, California.  Many of the people from this last rally will be there, plus some I have met at other rallies.  There are also a number of new people going to this rally.  It will be fun as always.  There are 39 rigs going to this coming rally.

Maybe I will get the hot water heater fixed by; then.  There are not a lot of jobs I need to do. OH, I need to caulk the rest of the windows before rainy season gets here. I should make that a goal to get done in the next three weeks. 

Our new wedding site is growing. I put up more pages yesterday.  The link is in yesterday’s blog. I am planning on getting that site pretty much completed in the next two weeks and then then build another site and then another.  Making money on the internet is just like life. It is a numbers game.  The more you do the more you get.  The more you play with you children the more they respect you. The more you give at work, the more likely it is you will get promoted.  The more web pages I build, the more likely it is that I can reach my goal of going full timing and having the Internet support me.


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