Monday, May 09, 2005

Monday, Back To Work -- Rainy Day

This is the way it should be.  Clear and nice for the week-end and rain on Monday.  Of course it almost does not matter for Sharon and I.  We can take our week-end any days of the week.  For camping it is best to take a couple days off during the week and work the real week-end. 

I find having the exercise machine here in the office makes it easy to put a few miles on it each day.  It is too big to “put away” in a closet.  It just sits out in the open as a reminder to get aboard and peddle.  So many people get exercise equipment that soon starts collecting dust somewhere.  I hope I can stay committed to it and just make it part of my life. 

Do you have one of those little digital recorders yet?  I bought one at Costco the other day for about $80.  It is an FM radio the I can have pre-set stations on.  I can down load music from my computer onto it.  I can use it as a voice recorder in place of the older style mini tape recorder.  It records voice, live sound and FM radio. This thing is the size of a pager.  It has 256 megabytes of memory and says it will hold up to 8 hours of music.  It also has a memory expansion slot so it can hold even more. What surprised me was it operates on only one AAA battery and they say it will play 16+ hours on that one small battery.  I listen to background music while on the exerciser. 

I need to call the shop that did the carburetor this morning.  They need to come up with an answer on this back firing problem.  It only worked for less than 25 miles when I took it in Friday. 

Friday we are going camping again. WOW!  We are getting out more now.  That is so great.  Friday will be at Lake Casitas with a group partially from and partially from Faith’s website at Southern California Campers

Then the going again the next week-end, which will actually be a reversed week.  5 day week-end, two days working.  That one is to the San Diego Midway rally.  WOW! again.  I like this go, go going routine.  Now, if only I can make the Bounder go better.  I have an appointment  tomorrow morning to have it looked at again.


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