Monday, September 05, 2005

Today is, "Do The Brakes Day"

Well, my back is feeling great this morning.  It is strange how that works.  I wonder why one day we ache and the next day we don’t. HEY! I’m not complaining.  I like pain free.

Today I will do the rear brakes on the Bounder.  This should be up to a 6 hour job.  It takes a while when you go slow and careful and relax as you go.  I try to pay attention to what I’m doing and get the job done right.

This month is the Lake San Antonio Rally.  I am looking forward to it, EXCEPT for gas prices.  It is about 210 to 250 miles one way.  I forget which.  We get about 5 miles per gallon fuel mileage. That comes to 50 gallons one way or 100 gallon round trip.  Maybe my Thorely headers and rebuilt carburetor will give me a little better mileage. We did get about 5.8 earlier this year. 

More and more I think that it would pay to upgrade to a newer fuel injected gas engine. I’d like a diesel pusher, but that won’t happen for a while.  If we got 7–9 miles per gallon that would be much more to my liking.

I think we need to take a day trip this week.  Go down to the beach and relax.  Maybe we might even stay overnight.  HMMMMmmmmmm!!  Then again we are taking time off this coming weekend to go to my son’s house up in Bear Valley Springs.  We have the rally coming. OH, what the heck.  We still need a day out camping. 

Since my back hurt yesterday, I felt sorry for myself and didn’t get much of anything done.  Vegetating in the upright position.  I did some reading and studying website development, but that is it. 



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