Saturday, March 25, 2006

Not Camping This Weekend

We went down to the HAM radio swapmeet in Los Angeles and stopped at each of the three beachside campgrounds on the way home.  Every one of them is full.  We are not camping this weekend. 

What is irritating, is driving by one and seeing all the empty spots, but they are reserved. There had to be at least 20 empty spots and a Saturday.  I understand that some people would never get camping sites without a reservation system, BUT it sure is open to abuse.  If money is not a problem you can reserve spots just because you may go camping and just forfeit your reserservation fee when you do not go.

I talked with one camper whose relative reserves 6 spaces whether they are camping or not and whether they need them or not.  They do in just in case they have enough friends and family who want to go camping on some weekend. 

OK, the good news is that we work for ourselves and can declare any days of the week, "the weekend".  We can camp on Tuesday and Wednesday if we choose.  We just have to work Saturday and Sunday to make up for it. 

One vendor had boxes of new  household items for $1 This is supposed to be electronics only swapmeet.  They let some get away with other stuff and they stop some from selling non-electronics. Anyway, we bought a couple scrub brushes with bristles about 8 inches long and 2 inches wide with 1 inch bristles.  These are very handy to keep in your car and in the entry to your RV. 

We live at the beach and these brushes are great for cleaning sand off of shoes before you get back in the car.  For the motorhome, they are great for cleaning dirt, grass and other debris off of shoes before tracking it in on the carpet. 

Yes, we have a on the ground shoe brush by the entry and it works great for light dirt.  When you really have dirt caked in the tracks of sports type (tennis shoes) shoes hand scrubbing it out is the only way to get it all.

Another answer in the RV is just to remove your shoes when you enter. 


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