Friday, March 10, 2006

More RVs Pulled In

Last night around 10 three more RVs pulled in and two earlier in the evening.  So, 13 rigs showed up a day before the rally officially starts.  It is already feeling great being here.  There is nothing like getting away from home and relaxing. There is nothing pressing to do, just enjoy the freedom.  I could really get used to this on a more regular basis.

The new water pump, which is the same model as the old one is TERRIBLE.  It pulsates.  The water pressure goes up and down, up and down constantly.  It is as if the sensor is too sensitive and detects a need to start and shut off too quickly.  Maybe they changed the internal design of the pump.

Whatever the cause, I think I have the solution.  Yesterday at Camping world I purchased an accumulator.  This is a pressurized tank that stores enough water to even out pressure fluctuations.  If you have a well at you home you probably are familiar with the tank that works with you well pump.  For the folks on city water, it is like the  tank on an air compressor.

Our hot water system still does not work properly. The automatic function does not work. We have to manual light they hot water heater any time we want hot water. 

Yesterday on the sale rack at camping work was an electric hot stick you insert into the drain of the hot water heater.  It replaces the drain plug.  Now you just plug it into an outlet and any time you are plugged into electricity you will have hot water.  The hot stick is a water heater. 

I had wanted one of the hot sticks, for a while, but finding it on the sale table made a worth buying.  Now I will not have to use propane to heat water when we are at a campground with electrical hookups. 


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