Monday, February 05, 2007

Hustling Pays Off -- Rent Paid

Well, we got to hustling and came up with the rent. This past mont has been a trying month. However each time Sharon and I get up against a wall we pull ourselves out from it.

This is not a fun way of living. Week to week, month to month. It is really time we got our act together and started creating new web content on a daily basis. Each time we ad a page of content to the internet that is another opportunity to earn a few cents or a few dollars a month from that page.

The secret is to keep creating content up to the point that all of those small amounts add up to a large amount. Instead of hitting home runs and making big money, the average internet marketer needs to concentrate on generating ongoing small amounts.

Sharon and I are targeting this idea right now. Generate small amounts that add up.

It has worked for us with Ebay. Most of our sales are small and pay the bills. Once in a while we hit a home run and make more. We did that this week and guaranteed paying the rent and bills.


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