Friday, September 01, 2006


Here we are back at work.  We are new Grandparents, but we are 150 miles from our new grandchild. 

Here is our new Grandson with me holding him. 
Baby Boy

If our work and income is good for the next week or two we will go there to visit.  Our problem is that we are on a tight budget and if we take off from work we do not earn anything.  When you work for yourself, you do not get paid vacation or sick days to call in when you feel like a day off.

This is also a situation the may arise if you go full timing. You will not be able to see family and friends on important occasions.  You will miss a lot of small things in the lives of those you love. 

So, part of the answer is that you and your spouse, if you are not single, will have to have a attitude that you are the important things now.  Although you love your family, your life comes first.  Your need to live at a slower pace and your need for a less stressful lifestyle outweighs being available when “events” happen at what you used to call home.

Oh, you may have plans to be back at the ol’ homestead when a baby is born or someone gets married, but if your RV breaks down, or some other circumstance 1000 miles away happens, you will not make it to the event.  Back home you might get sick and tell your spouse to go ahead and enjoy themselves. 1000 miles from home that is not as practical.

Think about these things and whether you or both of you can handle that type of lifestyle.  Will one of you resent not being home for various occasions?  Are family get togethers very important to one or the other of you?  How are you going to handle the full timing lifestyle?


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