Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Back In The Groove? I Am Not So Sure

We are back to work, but I am not sure we are really ready for it.  Like any time off, it sure could have lasted longer.  Six days off should be standard, don’t you think?  I am ready to go again, but work calls.

The Bounder needs looked into. That back firing through the carburetor and loss of power is not right.  This is frustrating.  Ever since it was “repaired” is has run worse than the year we had it before getting it “fixed”.  I really do not like working on vehicles, but maybe I should look into this myself and see if I can come up with a solution.

I am back up to 5 miles on the exercise machine.  Hey! This fitness and weight loss thing have to become a reality.  I want our full-timing adventure to be a wonderful one.  We need to be in good shape to experience our country to its fullest.  All the walking we did on this trip was helped by the exercise we started.  I am sure the exercise machine made it easier for us.

There are many things Sharon and I need to think about in the next two years or less.  We need to make some very big decisions before going full-timing.  We need to make commitments to ourselves for health, family, business and finances. 

Do you have goals and desires you would like to achieve.  Maybe you can read our blog and our directions and decide it is time to make your own plans and goals.  Maybe you can get there before we do and be an inspiration to us.  Sometimes watching others do something convinces you that you can do it to.


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