Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Living The Good Life

Regardless of your situation, you can be living the good life if you believe it.  Sharon and I may not be living high on the hog, but we have what we consider a good life.  Lots of things are a state of mind.  It is like time.  If you are enjoying yourself with friends, time flies by.  If you are doing a “chore” time drags.  Perceived value is what make life good or not. 

Over the years, every “bad” events our Sharon and my lives has turned out for the good.  Being forced out of our living arrangements at the warehouse and having to move into an actual home is just another example of how life has treated us good, even when on the surface it does not look that way.

Speaking of life being good. Our youngest son’s wife is pregnant again.  We knew this the same day they did as they let us know.  She is now five months pregnant and last night we got a call telling us the sex of the new baby.  They have a daughter now. I posted her picture in here a while back.  Now they are going to have a BOY! 

The weather here is overcast and drizzly.  This is typical of our weather as we move toward summer.  The overcast weather even has a name here in Southern California, they call it “June Gloom”.  Of course it is only May, but the weather is getting an early start.  One of our local country station DJs calls this weather, “Low hung mung”. 



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