Thursday, June 02, 2005

Boxe, Boxes And More Boxes WHEW!!

One of problems to getting out of this warehouse is the massive amount of boxes we have.  Over 2000 boxes of old electronic parts, computer cables, miscellaneous inventory and personal stuff. PLUS we still have about 100 or more boxes of my parents stuff to go through.  They saved everything including all old bills, many going back to the 1960’s.  We can not throw away any without opening them.  My parents had a habit of putting money in envelopes in a pile of old receipts.  When we emptied their house, we found over $10,000 cash in different drawers, mixed in with old paid bills, even $2000 in a sewing machine drawer. 

The GOOD NEWS is that because of the taxes I was doing, we are now on a daily project to start getting the box situation in control.  First, neatly stacked and initially gone through.  I still need to find more tax information to get all of our taxes caught up. 

The main thing holding us up from full timing is the boxes of STUFF.  If we got rid of 10 boxes of  “stuff” a day, it would take 200 days just to get rid of the boxes.  I do not mean sort 10 boxes a day, I mean GET RID OF 10 a day.  A lot of boxes contain old inventory.  My inventory is electronic. We cannot throw away electronic items because most contain lead and are considered toxic waste.  I have to dispose of it all “properly”

Looking up at the bee hive is not very exciting these days.  We do not see many bees. There are still a few, but instead of hundreds of dead bees, we only see a dozen or so.  I think we have finally solved the bee problem. It is now a clean up operation for the few survivors.

I still have to get the Bounder repaired.  I will look at it by the end of the coming week-end.  If I do not see an easy solution, I will take it back to the shop next week.  I will take it to the  shop that did the headers, not the one that rebuilt the carburetor. 


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