Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sunday Morning Camping

Sunday morning camping is not my favorite.  It means packing up and heading for home.  HOWEVER, it is a beautiful partly cloudy morning. It is warm enough even Sharon has a sleeveless top on. 

This has been an excellent weekend.  Campfires at night.  Good camping neighbors. Pretty nice weather and lots of relaxing. 

We have seen dolphins swimming by every day, including this morning.  Friday we really saw a lot of them going by.  I think it was the most we have seen in a day along the beach.  The would come by in pods of 4 to 8 dolphins.  They came by then shortly more and then more.  A couple of them leaped completely out of the water.

A family two coaches back has a new SeeYa motorhome.  They are fulltiming with their 8 year old daughter.  They have been on the road two years.  They home school the girl.

In two more weeks we are heading to Lake San Antonio for another rally with 15 or 16 other rigs.  At that camp out we have met most of the people going.  It is always great to see the friend you’ve met camping.



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