Thursday, September 08, 2005

Exercise Is Easier With.........

I discovered something that others have know for a long time.  Exercise is easier when your mind is occupied.  When I plug earphones in and listen to music, exercise is easier.  Because I am sitting in a chair on the recumbent exercise bike, it is easy to read as I pedal.  Usually I read a book on motivation, speed reading, internet marketing etc.  Today I was reading a Good Housekeeping magazine my wife bought.  I try to exercise on the bike for 30 minutes.  When I looked down today I was at 37 minutes.  Time flies by when you mind is occupied.

There are books on tape and CD to listen to.  There is your favorite music.  If your exercise machine will allow it, there is reading.  Give it a try if you have found exercise boring in the past.  How often do you see walkers and joggers with headphones on?  I see them all the time and I have finally learned their secret.

Isn’t it interesting that there are probably thousands of  “secrets” we see everyday, but never give them a second thought. How enriched our lives could be if we paid more attention to the little things around us. 

What have you seen on a regular basis the could help you and just have never bothered to think about it?  Or have thought about it but never implemented it.  I know I need to start paying more attention and to do things when I think of them.  I have put off so many things that I have probably forgotten 90% of great ideas I have had. Simple ideas to do simple things that would improve my life. Not BIG money making or life shattering things, just simple things like reading a book while exercising.

Yesterday I uploaded two more pages to the internet:  RV Toilet Repair is about fixing a very common RV toilet problem RV Toilet Replacement is an article about replacing an RV toilet and how easy it is

This weekend we are going to see our granddaughter in Bear Valley Springs.  We were invited up for the weekend.  It should be fun as always. She was just starting to walk the last time we saw her. Now she is all over the place. 



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