Saturday, December 31, 2005

Last Day Of The Year Camping

We are here in the rain a Leo Carillo State Campground.  Yesterday was beautiful all day and night.  We had a great campfire all evening.  It was probably in the mid 50’s so we were quite comfortable all evening.  There are a lot of people camping, but he campground is not full. I’d guess about 1/2 full.

This morning between 6 and 6:30 I heard rain on our aluminum roof.  I rolled over and went back to sleep.  When I got up at 9:30 (WOW!  sleeping in) it was raining lightly and has been on and off all morning.  It is noon now. 

It is great being here.  I find that camping just lets my mind go blank.  I can sit around the campfire and just enjoy camping without thinking of the world and life.  All that exists is Sharon, Poky, I and the campground.  A nice feeling.

Sharon is baking cookies as we sit here listening the rain on the roof.  I am so glad we bought this motorhome two years ago.  I think camping is an excellent therapy to clear your mind, reduce stress and give you time to think.  It is fun to be inside and secure while the weather does whatever it wants.


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