Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Mother Hen Has A Saint Bernard

Since Sharon was so kind to the young woman in the car/truck accident, I call her Mother Hen.  Now, Mother Hen has a Saint Bernard dog.  She held it in her lap all the way home yesterday.  She hugged and cuddled it and is letting is sleep on the motorhome bed. 

Yesterday we were shopping at Big Lots discount department store.  On the way out was a box with the Saint in it.  They were only asking $10 for it.  Both of us fell in love with the dog and just had to have it.  I call it a reward for being Mother Hen.  Sharon named him DOG pronounced DOE-GEE.

Sharon is taking a picture of DOG right now.  I will include it later in the blog.

We are rethinking going camping this weekend.  We are not sure yet.  Maybe just Friday and Saturday.  The problem is that we are still expecting rain on Friday.  Sharon and I like to either camp during the week when campsites on the coast are easier to get or go early on Friday for the same reason, getting there early while there are still camp spots left.

During the winter months it is easier to get camping spots at the beach in California, but forget it on a holiday weekend.  For holidays you need to make reservations.  In the first week of January we tried to make reservations at a beach campground for Memorial Day weekend and it was already booked. 

Saint Bernard DOG
Saint Bernard DOG


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