Saturday, May 21, 2005

Great Time In San Diego. Midway Tour Today

What a beautiful area.  I could easily live in an area like this.  There is a long stretch of coast from San Diego north that is very beautiful.  Of course, there are lots of beautiful Pacific coast areas.  It is a shame you can not just move from place to place and enjoy each area for a while.  HEY!! You know what?  That is exactly what we are planning on doing.  It is called going full time in an RV.  WOW!  That is almost like having your cake and eating it too.

Oh, I forgot to tell you what we saw on the freeway on the way down here.  First take a look and you tell me what it is. 

Mystery Object
Civil War Submarine
Spots are due to taking the picture through the windshield

Did you know?  It is a Civil War Submarine.  It may be a replica, I am not sure.  The funny thing is that we were in our own harbor area in Oxnard near the maritime museum and they had a Civil War Display outside including this very same submarine.  It could stay underwater for about 30 minutes and was powered by a line of men maybe 10-15 using hand and arm  powered cranks to turn the propeller.  It had a "torpedo" on a long boom on the front.  They would ram the spike that was on the torpedo into the wooden hull of an enemy ship and back off leaving the "torpedo" stuck to the hull where it would explode and hopefully sink the ship.

Since we are once again by the beach, I thought I would include a picture of a sea gull I got a picture of.

Sea Gull Close Up
Seagull Profile
Can you count the feathers?

The rally is fantastic.  13 rigs and about 34 people.  It is a relaxing event.  The park is "nice" but not a camping RV park.  No campfires and lots of rules.  The good part is  being with the  the people from  The area around the park is beautiful.  There is the yacht harbor right here.  A pier to walk out on almost directly behind us.  OH, and lots of squirrels for Poky to watch.  He is a happy camper.  It was very enjoyable taking our walk along the harbor edge in a beautiful grassy park just behind the RV park.

Today we are going to tour the aircraft carrier, "Midway" and then the sailing ship, "Star Of India".  This should be a very interesting day.  I have toured a few Navy ships, but never an aircraft carrier.

Including today, we still have 2 nights and three days left.  It sure is nice to get away like this.


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