Monday, August 15, 2005

I Get My Pictures Back Today

Some time between noon and 7 I have to go to the fair grounds and pick up the pictures I entered.  The fair is over.  We sure enjoyed it.  The topping, of course, was the blue ribbon I won for the picture I showed you the other day. 

I have another picture to talk about today.  I am now a published photographer.  The Bradt travel book company has me published in their book, “Eccentric California”. Http://  It is a travel book about the odd things you can see in California.  My picture is of the Kinetic Sculpture Race in Ventrua, California. The author, Jan Friedman,  found my picture on the following site,  I gave my pictures to this site’s creator to use.  When Jan saw it she contacted the site owner who passed on her message to me.  I got a copy of the book and $20 for that picture. The picture is loaded in a java script. It is two pictures I took.  One just before coming out from behind the rocks and the next in the open water.  

Should you ever get a chance to see a Kinetic Sculpture Race, you should go. It is a lot of fun.  People powered pedal vehicles that must travel on land, sand, water and mud.  Some are local created by people having fun. Others are professional creations by serious racers.  The prizes are simple and not really worth a lot.  A painted flower pot with a symbol on top.  This is a race for fun, not fortune.

This is buy the brake pads for the Bounder week.  I need to get a number off of the old package we used on the front. Front and back brake pads are the same on our Bounder.

Last night I was looking in the bins under the bench seats of our dinette.  We need to get them more organized. I also think we need to get an inventory of everything we have in the Bounder.  This is important for insurance purposes.  It is amazing the amount of stuff and its value.  In event of a loss, we would never remember all the stuff we have in there.  For anyone, but especially full timers, it is important to know what you have and the value, so insurance claims will be easier to fill out.  With digital cameras, and video cameras, it is easy to have a picture or movie record of all you own also. 

Not only will a record of your belongings help in case of any loss, it will also help you find “lost” things if you have an inventory of what you have and where it is.  I found things under the benches that I forgot I put there.

Wednesday we are heading for Los Angeles to see the King Tut exhibit.  We saw it the first time it was here years ago.  Now we will get to see it again.  A different exhibit, but I’m sure it will be interesting.


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