Friday, May 27, 2005

Plan Your Work, Then Work Your Plan

Sharon and I are trying to put together a plan that will get us out of this warehouse and full-timing by January of 2007. This is a monumental task for us with a warehouse full of obsolete computers and electronic equipment.

We are beginning to put our plan on paper so we can actually see a target and know when and if we hit it. We are very good at procrastinating. It has been a problem over the years. Do you procrastinate a lot or are you pretty well organized and get things accomplished you set out to do?

Part of our plan to go full timing is to get more organized. Right now we are listening to a Tony Robbins tape course we bought second hand called "The Time Of Your Life". It seems to be helping. It is what got us started on our exercise program. It is why we bought the exercise machine.

Are you thinking of going full-timing some time in the future? Maybe it is time to start laying out some plans today. Written plans. Every company needs a business plan to get started and to succeed. Life is our business and we are putting together our plan for our future.

Hopefully this week-end I will get out to the Bounder and investigate the rough running problem we had coming back from San Diego. I have some other things that I need to get done first, but the Bounder is high on the priority list. Either I find the problem or it goes back to the shop next week. This gets frustrating at times.

After six days in San Diego, we are going to work this holiday week-end. The problem with working for yourself is that each day you do not work, you do not make any money. There are no sick days or vacation days you get paid for when you do not work.


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