Sunday, August 21, 2005

Losing Weight

OK, as you know I am losing weight primarily through exercise on an exercise bike.  I think I try to sabotage this progress with: yesterday 2 donuts and a large cinnamon roll for breakfast today; a large pizza a couple nights ago; the BBQ tri-tip sandwich with baked beans and potato salad at the local “to die for” sandwich place.  I know I need thing I like too, but I wonder if I need an attitude adjustment that lets me let go of so much of the good stuff.  HMMMMMMmmmm!!!   Moderation may be the word I’m really looking for and what I’m doing is in excess of what I should be doing. 

I hope I have encourage some of you to join Sharon and I in getting in better shape.  Sharon doesn’t need to lose weight, but could use firming and toning.  She isn’t as dedicated as I am and often skips exercise a few days a week.  However, she is working toward better health too.

Our city passed an ordinance that forbids vehicles over 8 feet tall from parking on streets in neighborhoods except for “Vehicles parked while loading  and/or unloading are allowed”. “Enforcement of the restriction will begin August 19, 2005.  This applies to, “The restriction will apply to public streets in those areas of the city that have been zoned as residential”.  It does not even give time limits on loading and unloading. I hope for other’s sakes it is 24 to 48 hours.  This ordinance does not affect Sharon and I.  We are parked on private property inside a gated and fenced property at our business. 

There are a lot of RV’s parked on our city streets in residential neighborhoods.  Many are even being lived in.  One fellow I talked to yesterday was looking for a storage lot to park his RV.  He said every local place is full. There is not one space to be had.  I’m sure this ordinance will cause a lot of problems.

All over the country cities are passing ordinances that restrict RV parking.  Luckily ours isn’t restricting parking on private property at your home yet.  You can still park in your driveway or beside your home.


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