Sunday, May 21, 2006

Rainy Sunday

We woke up to a few drops of rain. It has been trying to rain ever since. It comes and goes, but never seems to get very serious.  I had hoped to dry some rugs outside today, but that will not happen.

Dry rugs?  Last night we were at home sitting on the couch when suddenly we heard gushing water. We ran to the bathroom to find a growing flood of water. The supply hose under the toilet broke and spewing water all over.  Luckily we were home when this happened or we would have been totally flooded.  What a mess that would have been and us without insurance.

Since we rushing in and caught the problem moments after it happened, only 5 to 10 gallons of water were on the floor.  Since we do not have  mop a home yet, Sharon used towels to sop up the water.  We almost bought a mop the other day but they all had narrow heads and I wanted a wide head to make mopping go faster. 

I was going to get under the Bounder today and see about repairing the speedometer, but the rain has allowed me postpone that for another day. 

Yesterday and today we have been organizing the warehouse more. It is really helping having the space we were using for living devoted to storage now.  We have a very disorganized warehouse and anything this gives us room helps. 


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