Thursday, March 03, 2005

Mar 3, '05 Only A Week Until The Next RV Rally

It rained yesterday and during the night last night. This morning is a beautiful day. Mostly clear with beautiful clouds around the horizon

Morning Clouds

I have been up since 4:45, so I already have over two hours work accomplished. Actually my morning work is studying how to create profitable website on the internet. I do not think any one source has all the answers. In fact the truthful authors tell you that they do not have every answer. Some answers you need to know are trade secrets of search engines like Google and Yahoo. They will not tell you exactly how they rate or rank sites on the internet.

As I look up at my calendar that is over my computer monitor I see that there is only a week to go until the Kelly's Beach Rally. It is sure getting here in a hurry. I guess I need to make the appointment to get my carburetor rebuilt. I am really looking forward to the rally and the extra couple days after the rally to travel home and camp along the way.


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