Wednesday, July 26, 2006

No Camping This Month

The month is slowly coming to an end and we have not been camping for two months in a row.  This new need to make a better living is sure putting a crimp in our recreation budget.  So, no camping this month and no prospects in the next two or three weeks. 

Nose to the grindstone.  Oh well, you have to do what is required, even if you work at a real J-O-B.  Luckily we pretty much like what we do. We do not like the slow growth, or  what seems like slow growth. I guess an added $800 a month to our income to cover the new rent is not really slow growth, but it seems that way.

When we arrived at work today our office was 81 degrees.  Outside the morning temperature was 70 and we have a high overcast (marine layer).  This building just does not cool off.  It holds heat very nicely.  Sharon just said that our humidity is 90.  Once the sun comes out we will feel that a little. 

We are still lucky to have the weather we have here on the coast.  It is sweltering in California and people are dying from the heat.  Some areas are also losing power. We are luck there too. We have not lost it yet.  If the hot weather keeps ups and other areas use excessive amounts of power, then we may be affected. 

If we lost power, I have the Honda generator I could run a long extension cord from outside, back into the office and still conduct my online business.  It would be a little inconvenient, but doable.



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