Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Exercise Is Keeping Me Fit

Would like to become healthier?  Would you like to combat the year-end holiday weight gain?  I think one major answer is to begin an exercise program.  Start walking at least a mile a day.  Buy some light weights.  By light, I mean 5 to 10 pounds.  Any sporting goods store should have them. The plastic coated ones are easy and comfortable to use.  Get an exercise machine of some type.

All of these things should be done AFTER a checkup with your doctor.  Be sure you are in shape to do the exercises you are planning. Work into any exercise plan slowly.  Walk 1/2 mile a day to start.  Lift 5 pound weights 10 times to begin with.  You think 5 pounds is nothing when you hear about weight lifters bench pressing 150 pounds or 400 pounds.  Go to a store that sells weights and lift two little 10 pound plastic coated dumb bells over you head a few times.  YIKES!  Even light weights are a lot of work.

Yes, I am still exercising almost every day.  Last month I missed 10 days due to rallies and camping and…….???  So far this month I have only missed yesterday, one of the few days I have REBELLED and just did not exercise.  I am staying about the same weight within two or three pounds. Today I was at 208 pounds. 

My strength and stamina are increasing.  I do not get as tired as I used to.  Daily exercise is having its positive effect.  I have dropped from 233 pounds on May 1st to 208 pounds on Nov 8th.  I have been around 208 for a month.  Too much good food at the rally, eating out too many times in the last month.  Eating the Oreo cookies and bagels and creme cheese did not help. 

My plan is to be healthy for full time RVing.  If there is a mountain path to follow, or a bike trail to ride, I want to be fit enough to enjoy those things.  I do not want to travel our country and not have the energy to do anything but view it from the window of the motorhome.
Yes, I fail to stay on track all the time, but “I” have not failed.  I merely have to get back on track.  I travel this path on two tracks. One is exercise and the other is diet.  Although I am not on a specific diet, I try to eat less and healthier foods.
Can you do what I am doing?  Sure you can.  Start a simple and easy exercise program and cut back on how much you eat. Then expand the exercise program and add eating healthier to cutting back.  Do a little at a time and we can both be healthier in the coming months and years.

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