Sunday, February 13, 2005

Feb 13, '05 Count Down To SAL Rally

I am feeling good today. It is Sunday and I think I am over the main portion of the bug. Just the residual cough. YEA! It is good to feel good again.

We are prepping the Bounder for the rally at Lake San Antonio next weekend. I still do not know how many days we will be gone. I think we will go up a day early. Some attending rallies like the event to last longer so the go a day early and stay a day later. Officially is it Saturday night and and Sunday night or Saturday through Monday.

Monday we will go down to the San Simeon area and camp one night so we can get up early and go watch the elephant seals. A docent told us that February is the big birthing month for the seals. There are so many seals on the beach that if you come and stay a little while you, "WILL SEE a birth"! How exciting.

After the seals we want to see the Monarch butterflies in Paso Robles. There is a campground right next door to the sanctuary where most of them stay.

This could be a very wonderful weekend with all the activates at the rally including eagle watching. Then seals and butterflies. WOW! Friends, fun and adventure. Does it get any better?


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