Thursday, May 18, 2006

Visitor From Up North

I got an email that Doug and Juanita from “up north” were in the area.  They want to stop by, visit and take us to lunch.  We met Doug and Juanita at one of the rallies and have camped at rallies with them a number of times now.

We had a great visit.  Doug got to be amazed at the chaos of our warehouse operation and what a problematic situation we have here.  Lunch was at a restaurant overlooking Channel Islands Harbor.  A delicious lunch with friends.  Could it get any better than that?

This is the wonderful thing about and the rallies people put together.  You meet the nicest people and camp with them on a fairly regular basis.  You meet on the internet, you live hundreds of miles apart and yet you become friends and have a great time camping.  I have told you about the forum before. If you have not visited there yet, do it now. Just click on this link Forum

NO, you do  not have to live in California. covers the entire United States.  There are also people in Canada and Mexico who read the forum.  You never know who you will meet online and then in person.  Travelers from England have found the forum and posted in it.  When they came to America and rented a RV, they had a network of friends here in the States already.

Friends are what makes camping a lot more fun. Yes, it is fun to go off camping by yourself, but is also fun to know you will be meeting up with friends at your next campout.  Then make it a rally and you have 10 to 50 rigs show up at a campground and have potlucks, games and fun.


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