Monday, November 28, 2005

It Is Sad! The Motorhome Is Just Sitting.

Our Thanksgiving getaway is over and the motorhome is just sitting out back.  It is sad to think it won’t move for a while.  So far we do not have any plans for December.  Of course that could change at any moment.  Surely we will get the bug and decide to take off in the middle of the week for another camp out.  HMMMMMMmmmmmmm!!! I can feel it coming on already.

As much as I like the beach, I think our next trip will be across the street from the beach. The big difference other than being right at the water’s edge is that the beach has no shade.  The campgrounds across the street from the beach are nestled in the trees.  It is nice to have the choice of sitting in the sun or sitting in the shade.  Since the beach campground and the ocean are on the sun side, even an awning doesn’t do anything except shade the side of the coach.  There is no shade unless you put up an umbrella or portable awning.

I bought a dash radio with CD player for the motorhome.  $49 on sale for a $129 radio.  We have had it about a month now. It still isn’t installed.  I wonder if I should just go have it installed by the place we bought it.  I took it with us on the Thanksgiving trip in hopes I’d have time to install it, but there is just too much relaxing to get ambitious enough to work while we camp.


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