Thursday, March 10, 2005

Mar 10, '05 FED UP What is with blogger

I am getting tired of It triple posted my blog entery today. I tried 3 times to post and it rejected all but one. THEN, I chek later and it has all 3 posted. What is with them? ----- PLUS, the deleted my paragraphs and ran everything all together.

This is what happens when you let someone elses system create and do for you. You are out of the loop and out of control. I am going to seriously look for a better way to post the blog.

Mar 10, '05 It's Alive! IT'S ALIVE!!

I was going to bite the bullet and let someone else fix my business computer. The computer shop could not get to it until Monday. I decided to search the internet and see if I could find a solution for my dead computer. Right now I am up and running in "SAFE MODE" which is allowing me to back up all the files I need to. I will only exit safe mode when I am fully backed up. Then I will see if the things I have done fixed the problem. I thing the problem was good ol' Bill Gate's Windoze.

Today we went out and got propane and then drove 15 miles down the coast to empty our tanks. They were doing maintenance on the dump station. Oh well, we had over an hour at the beach. It was overcast and light fog. The ocean has high waves due to storms to the south. It was very pretty watching the surf crashing on the shore.

When we arrived at the beach, Sharon said, "That sounded like a backfire". I thought nothing of it. When we returned to the office, "BANG! BANG! BANG! For sure we were backfiring. I took it back to the shop that just did the carburetor and they made an adjustment. It seems to be working fine now.


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