Friday, October 14, 2005

Shopping Can Be Fun

Today we went to the grand opening of a new Fry’s Electronics. Fry’s is a warehouse home electronics and appliance store. They have a lot of things we could use and many we bought. A lot of what we got is FREE after rebate. Sharon has a high stack of rebate slips to fill out. Although we spent over $1400, after rebates, it will have cost of about $650. PLUS, if you have read our site about making money, Making Money While RVing, you know we sell on Ebay. Once we sell off some of the things that are FREE, we will have spent less than $400, maybe less than $300.

Two of the things with partial rebates we felt were important to preparing for and going full timing. One was an external USB DVD burner and the other was a 160 gigabyte external USB hard drive. Both with allow us to back up our computers for safe keeping of pictures and records and all the website development I am doing.

One woman who was on TV quite a while back sold new clothing on Ebay. She would buy designer clothes when they were 1/2 price and sell them on Ebay. At the time this showed she was making $30,000 a month gross. Selling items you purchase on sale is another way to make money on Ebay. HMMMMMmmmmmmm!! I wonder why I never made $30,000 a month on Ebay.

A week from today we will be at Shaver Lake, California at the Monster Mash Rally. We plan to leave a day early and we might stay a day longer. The first night I think we might camp for free at an Indian Casino. I understand they don’t charge you to park a RV overnight. Sharon and I are the last of the big time gamblers. In the past when we went to Las Vegas we would split $20 of nickels between us and play the slots until we ran out of nickels or felt it was time to continue our vacation. We have never been to Vegas just for gambling.


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