Saturday, March 18, 2006

Great White Shark And Seals

A surfer in the business next door to ours said there was a great white shark a few miles up north.  He said it did not matter anyway because the area is closed to surfers due to seals giving birth. Sharon decide to check it out online.

Watching a news clip online we saw that a great white shark is attacking seals just off the coast near Carpenteria, California. That is less than 40 miles North of us.  The seals are giving birth to their pups, so I guess there are quite a few and are a good meal source for a hungry shark.

The shark incident happened this past week. I think we will take the car up the coast and see the baby seals.  I thought about going Sunday, but with the shark attack there may be a lot of people and limited parking.  I think we will go Monday or Tuesday.

Yesterday we had an incident in our town where a business was closed due to a white powder. Lots of fire and police and hazmat teams.  If you know us by now, we do not watch TV, but we turned it on last night to catch the news to see what went on.  Of course the news never said.  Online we found the answer.  NOTHING!  One comment was the problem could have been paper dust in an envelope. 

Sharon has a scanner (police scanner) that she listens too.  We heard the call go out for units to go to a “white powder found in an envelope” call.  Then all of the units called in to respond and evacuate the building AND keep all of the people there in case it was a chemical problem such as anthrax or some other nasty stuff that people didn’t need to spread to other places by leaving.

Of course, yesterday it was raining.  I’m not sure how the people were dealt with, but it must not have been easy for the police and fire units.




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