Thursday, February 17, 2005

Feb 17, '05 Back Up Your Computer

Today is the last day we have to prepare to go on the Lake San Antonio rally (SAL). I have to charge my spare batteries, my camera batteries and my laptop. The pressure needs to be checked in the Bounder tires and air bags. Air bags are inside the suspension springs and add to comfort and control while driving.

In the morning we will fill up with propane and gasoline and be on the road. Unfortunately they are forecasting rain. I prefer not to drive in the rain. Actually I do not mind driving in the rain. I do not like the crazy people who drive in the rain and act like it is a clear dry day. The idiots who tailgate, speed and make rainy day driving dangerous for others.

Today I will back up my computer. I am slow to back up. I should be doing it daily since I have daily business information that should be backed up. Also I have a lot of pictures we have taken that are not backed up yet. I think lost pictures would upset me more than lost business data.

Do you back up your computer regularly? The question is not IF your computer will ever have a problem and lose information, it is WHEN will it crash and lose your data and pictures. Blank CD's are cheap. Almost every computer has a CD burner. Make it a point to back up you pictures and data on a regular basis.

When we go full-timing my plan is to make two backup copies of everything. I will keep one copy in the motorhome and I will mail one copy to one of my sons for safe storage in case of fire or other loss in the MH. This is a very common backup strategy. Make two backup copies of everything. Keep one copy on site where it is conveniently available. Keep one copy off site so that if the building burns down or everything is lost for some other reason, you can continue you business and retrieve your pictures very quickly.


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